Why You Should Purchased A Wow Beauty Deal

What is the WOW Beauty Deal? I will tell you.

This year Avon is celebrating their 135th Anniversary offering product collections for $50 with collections being valued at $135 depending on more. The WOW Beauty Deals changes almost every 2 weeks with each new campaign.

Valued at $135 for only $30 – 502-573

• Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil
• Veilment Natural Spa Bamboo Charcoal Body Scrub & Cleanser
• Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Wash
 Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Lotion
• Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream

This is a great time to try Avon if you have been meaning to. Experience what it is to be an Avon customer with me as your representative.

What new products do you want to try from Avon? What do you think of the WOW Beauty Deals?

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