Wondering How To Make Your NEW YEAR Rock?

The New Year is here and most people make New Year’s resolutions, as they do every year on January 1, the first day of the New Year.

The New Year tends to mark a new beginning, say goodbye to the terrible old year (especially 2021), and ring in a new beginning for the coming one. As the pandemic rages on my wife and I just sat in our pajamas with our dogs welcoming the new year hoping for a better year. When you think of setting your goals for this New Year, you must have hope, desire, and dreams and live in the present moment. Think about what you are going to do, why and why not, what your objectives are, and what the two key factors are if we are to achieve our objectives. When the list of New Year’s resolutions is as long as the holiday shopping list, it can be scary and it takes about a month to forget.

It is that time of year to reflect on the year ahead, what do you want to achieve, or what do you mean by New Year’s resolutions? The problem with resolutions is that if you set them at the beginning of the year and stick to them, you feel like a failure by the next new year. Instead of making resolutions create a theme for the year to improve your life and achieve your goals. Creating an annual theme helps you to see how and how you want to shape this year.

If you do try a New Year theme instead of a resolution for yourself this year, let me make share mine. This year my theme is GROWTH. I want to put the past in the past and grow emotionally and connect with those around me. I also want to grow my Avon business and learn new makeup and skincare techniques. The advantage of a theme instead of a resolution is that a theme provides a general framework on which to focus all year round. I love how a word or theme for the year helps me to understand how I want to grow and learn in the years to come.

Christmas 2021

Whether you are doing it in the New Year or at another time, setting positive goals, living well, or making resolutions for positive change, it is a powerful tool to maintain your well-being. Although New Year’s resolutions can often be considered a fad, setting a yearly theme is enormously helpful to help you stay organized and motivated throughout the year.

What is your New Year’s theme and how will you accomplish it?

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