Find A Love with Ginza Stefany Fragrances

Our Ginza Stefany fragrance collection that explores the story of steadfast lovers and the power of their eternal love. Experience the romance as their love blossoms.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, romantic scent? Introducing Ginza Stefany fragrances, featuring a collection of captivating scents and a fragrance story you’ll surely fall in love with.

Long ago, a traveler from afar named Steve fell in love with an elegant beauty named Stefany in the bustling Ginza district of Tokyo.

A chance meeting, forbidden passion, and heartbreaking distance, through hundreds of letters, their love endures. Our lovers share a life apart, but always together.

Under a sunlit gardenia tree, as notes of black currant and delicate peach filled the air, Ginza Stefany In My Arms Eau de Parfum recreates the moment that Steve and Stefany shared their first kiss and professed their undying passion. With its fresh and sweet scent journey, In My Arms is one of the best fragrances for women.

For those who love a fresh and clean fragrance. Ginza Stefany Wish You Were Here Eau de Parfum transports you back in time to a quiet, dewy meadow at dawn where fragrant notes of sweet hawthorn berry, ripe pear, and sensuous patchouli filled the air, recreating the moment when Steve and Stefany declared their love.

Caress your tresses and create a soft cocoon of scent with a gentle mist for both hair and body!

Get whisked away with Ginza Stefany Wish You Were Here Hair & Body Mist, notes of sweet hawthorn fruit, ripe pear, and sensuous patchouli. With featherlight micro conditioners that won’t weigh your hair down and impart a subtle, healthy-looking shine.

Our lovers share a life apart, but always together. Always Beside You recreates the beauty of a warm summer day long ago. Intoxicating notes of orange leaf, tuberose, and earthy musk filled the air as Steve and Stefany shared a loving embrace.

What type of smell do you love in your favorite perfumes?

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