Layering Fragrances How to Smell Good All Day

Fragrance is all about adding depth and dynamism to your look and feel!

Just as we layer clothes to enhance our ensemble, layering perfume can add a dimension to our fragrance game. Layering scents also helps extend the longevity and throw of any fragrance you are wearing! See how you can smell good all day. 

How to layer scents:

Body Wash/Body Soap/Shower Gel
Your fragrance journey starts way before your perfume. Start scenting your body with your fragrances’ body wash, soap, gel, and shampoo! Not only are you eliminating any unwanted scents from your body, but you are also replacing it with your favorite scents- giving 2-in-1 a new meaning!

For better or for worse, hair is an excellent carrier for scents. Yes- there are even perfume-based shampoo for the fragrance-forward! When it’s time to wash off all the scents your hair catches throughout the day, try giving it a wash with your fragranced shampoo.

Body Crème/ Body Lotion
Body cremes and lotions not only provide a scent themselves, but also help your fragrance wear on your skin much longer. Why not hydrate and scent at the same time?

Hair and Body Mist
Hair Mists help prevent dryness or frizz that some perfume ingredients can cause when spraying your hair with your favorite fragrance. They are specially formulated for hair and will not weigh it down or leave it feeling greasy.

Matching your deodorant to your fragrance is not only a big layering step, but it also helps prevent clashing scents as deodorants typically have a very strong aroma of their own. Plus, warmer areas of the body such as the underarms warm up scents allowing for a farther throw. Why not add this to your arsenal of your fragrance wardrobe?

How do you layer your fragrance?

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