4 of the Best Skin Care Tips for Fine Lines Around the Eyes

From skin tightening to wrinkle fighting, it’s important to choose skin treatments that specifically cater to your skin concerns.

Knowing how to use these treatments is also important to include in your skin care regimen. Follow these expert pointers and you’ll become a pro in no time. 

When You Need an Eye Lift

DO:  Use and eye cream every day. It helps protect the delicate skin around that area. The Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System is specifically formulated with a skin-tightening agent.  

DON’T: Rub your eyes. Tugging can stretch the skin and cause it to sag. Dot eye cream around and pat it in gently.

Brighten Up Your Skin

DO:  Give your skin its daily (and nightly) dose of vitamin c. Vitamin C is skin care’s superstar antioxidant that helps make your skin brighter even around the eyes while improving uneven skin tone. 

DON’T: Think all vitamin C formulas are the same. Vitamin C derivatives are not as effective as vitamin C. With Avon’s Vitamin C’s collection, our serum’s are 10% pure vitamin C, with skin instantly looking brighter try Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum.

What are some of your skin care tips?

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