My Avon Journey

Making money and connecting with my community.

My name is Norine. I was bored one day during the pandemic and randomly decided to join Avon. I just Googled Avon and there it was.

I loved the new Avon eCommerce interface. I never really knew anything about Avon other my mom may have bought Avon from a lady. I was actually excited to try all of Avon’s products. I feel like there are a wide range of things to buy like jewelry, makeup, skincare, clothes, perfumes and now house hold supplies that I didn’t know about.

Me and my Wife Vanessa

I hope give you ideas that inspire and motivate you to live your best life. I wanted to start a blog about Avon one to help me connect with others while promoting my business. I plan to share all kinds of things from beauty tips and tricks to skin care and home products. I want to interact with you and help you find solutions to problems you may have with the help of Avon.

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