Get Beth Harmon’s look from Netflix’s the Queens Gambit

I thought it would be fun to give you Beth Harmon’s look and you can replicate it with Avon products.

OMG I got done waiting the Queens Gambit on Netflix a few days ago. I absolutely watched this new limited series and apparently so has everyone else seeing this the highest watched show on Netflix. I just love the following quote:

“It’s foolish to run the risk of going mad for vanity’s sake.”

– Harry Beltik from The Queen’s Gambit

During the series you get to know Beth Harmon the main character of the story and what she goes through to play chess.

I also thought I would include hair products by Avon to help you complete Beth Harmon’s look. Here is a fun little video! Check out what’s in Anya’s bag the Venezuelan-America actress who plays Beth Harmon.

What type of looks do you want more help with?

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