Why you will Only Want to Sip and Shop with Avon Online From now On

Live shopping is nothing new, but it is evolving into an interactive experience that is available on the Internet and different social media outlets.

The best-known and most established shopping day is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, when sales on Black Friday can be reduced by up to 50% whether in store or online. Black Friday brings with it the busiest shopping period of the year with 30% of annual retail sales taking place between Black Friday and Christmas. During this time, the sale means that you pack your purse and purse and rush to the nearest store or mall to get the much-coveted deals. Companies like Amazon launched Prime Day in 2015 to offer their members special deals and celebrate its 20th birthday.

To compete, a number of e-commerce websites like eBay and Walmart are gearing up to rival Amazon with their own shopping days and create new sales days like Green Friday to compete. It seems that every online retailer wants to enter the race for digital shoppers. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Friday have all changed the way consumers shop up until Christmas, moving consumers from in-store to online shopping making shopping easier than ever before.

As an Independent Avon Sales Representative I want to introduce you to new products and exclusive offers. Avon is helping me create and share, authentic online events – SIP & SHOP and AVON LIVE – to help Representatives like me create community in our hometowns and online.

Avon is coming to a city near you with the Avon Summer Sip & Shop Event where Avon will be bringing the Avon experience to life with community, insider-fun and so much more. There will be 10-fun filled events through the summer. You can register for the next online event here: Register

Couniting on with shopping online Avon has created AVON LIVE which gives you a chance to see new products and get amazing discounts.

Our last AVON LIVE Event was in June, where we went live with the Avon Live Clean Skin Event. We spotlighted our clean, vegan and plant-based formulas. Check the livestream Replay! If you do register for an upcoming even you will automatically be entered for giveaways valued at $500+ during the live event.

See the Replay!

Now, throughout the year you as an Avon customer can also can grab awesome deals too by registering and attending these livestreamed events. Don’t worry you if you can’t make it that day you can catch the replay. The increase in online sales means that the real winners will ultimately be Avon online shoppers.

Have you attended an online shopping event? What are your thoughts?

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