A Look Back at 135 Years of Avon’s Iconic Advertisements

From charming black-and-white illustrations to today’s striking full-color photography, eye-catching advertisements have been capturing the spirit of Avon for 135 years.

A Look Back at 135 Years of Avon’s Iconic Advertisements

To celebrate the milestone, Beauty for a Purpose combed through the archives and enlisted Lynn Catanese, chief curator at the Hagley Museum and Library, to select the most standout ads from the past century-plus—from 1930s Hollywood-inspired elegance to the electric colors of the 1980s to the refined, revolutionary skincare advancements of today.

Below, take a scroll down memory lane to relive 135 years of advertisements the Avon way.

1936: Create A More Radiant You

1930's ad "Create a more radiant you" featuring black and white photos of products and charcoal-style sketch of model

After officially changing its name from California Perfume Company to Avon, the company commemorated its 50th anniversary with “Create A More Radiant You,” one of many iconic campaigns created by the ad agency Monroe F. Dreher, Inc. Amid the difficulties and sacrifice of the Great Depression era, women often turned to a small purchase of cosmetics to lift their spirits — and the company’s sales rose.

1943: Heroines of America

Avon ad from 1940s "for America...for Freedom...for Victory" in color with drawing of woman looking into a mirror reflecting herself in the past

Amid the trials of the World War II era, Avon’s “To the Heroines of America” campaigned debuted as a morale-booster depicting present-day women reflecting on brave female icons of the past. Noting “the brave color of her lips and cheeks,” the series encouraged women to stand strong like their predecessors.

1944: Avon Goes Hollywood

1940s Advertisement for Avon cosmetics featuring Roaslind Russell, a leader in Hollywood Fashion

Hurray for Hollywood. In part an escape during the World War II era, glamorous movie stars and society women of the day graced Avon’s advertisements throughout the 1940s — but even the most recognizable faces touted reliance on the knowledgeable Avon Representative to make them look and feel beautiful.

1955: I Bring You Fragrance News

The “Ding Dong, Avon Calling” catchphrase –still fondly remembered – put the Avon Representative front and center as an expert. Always polished and professional, she heralded the latest in beauty in this time of post-war optimism and prosperity.

1961: Avon Calling for 75 Years

vintage ad featuring iconic Avon ladies through 75 years

Upon Avon’s 75th anniversary, the Representative was the campaign’s icon. Her evolution, from the elegant attire of Lady Albee’s day to a stylish suit, advanced the idea of the independent and empowered woman during a decade when change and equal rights were at the forefront.

1961: Avon Overseas

Avon advertisement in Spanish featuring blonde woman with updo holding lipstick

From Canada and Europe to Latin America, the universal appeal of Avon’s broad global reach signaled quality product and beauty for all.

1966: Table Talk


What woman wouldn’t want a fragrance chosen especially for her? For its 80th birthday, Avon celebrated the pleasant and personal experience of a home visit from an attentive Representative, a steadfast presence in her handsome hat and suit.

1975: Oh, That Sweet Honesty Feeling

iconic avon ad for honesty after bath products features woman in pink towel with wet hair

In the early 1970s, industries from beauty to music and magazines appealed to the growing teen market. Avon gained loyal fans in that age group with fresh and clean products like the cheerfully named fragrance, Sweet Honesty.

1987: Look How Color Touches You

From shoulder pads to oversized costume jewelry to fabulously inflated hair, everything in the ‘80s was bigger and bolder, including makeup palettes. The future looked bright, and the optimism of the decade came alive with vibrant new cashmere tones for lips, eyes and cheeks.

1997: Wake Up to Younger Looking Skin

1990s Avon ad of fresh faced woman with short hair

As beauty and fashion turned toward fresh-faced 1990s minimalism, Avon asserted its place as a leader in skincare with its Anew line.

2008: Going Even More Global

Brazilian woman a bicycle next to Avon Naturals products

With popular products tailored to an expanding global audience, Avon increasingly became known throughout Latin America for its beauty innovations.

2010: More Than Skin Deep

ANEW Avon ad featuring Jacqueline Bisset with youthful skin

With fans spanning across generations, beauty at every age became a hallmark of the Anew line. Actress Jacqueline Bisset modeled the benefits of breakthrough anti-aging technology: envy-worthy skin for women in their 50s and beyond.

2015: Celebrate Good Times

Outspoken Party fragrance ad featuring singer Fergie with female friend at club

Since its early days in the late 19th century as the California Perfume Company, fragrance has been at the heart of Avon. Celebrity ambassadors aligned with the company’s mission of empowering women brought the party to Avon – including Fergie’s Outspoken fragrance line.

2015: Today’s Game Changers

The research and development behind new product Anew Power Serum is Avon’s present star. Also key in the 21st century: the all-important Avon.com website that connects consumers worldwide.

2019: A Supreme Skin Care Innovation

Avon has been known for decades for our cutting-edge skin care, and Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Dual Elixir is no exception. Featured in an ad in Good Housekeeping, this innovative 2-in-1 formula features a serum and oil blend that are potent and powerful when mixed together and help combat the most advanced signs of aging.

March 2020: Shades for Every Skin Tone

We introduced Cashmere Complexion Longwear Foundation, our first 24-hour foundation that comes in 30 shades to suit a wide range of skin tones and undertones. The range of shades was a breakthrough moment for Avon, and was featured in an ad in Ebony Magazine.

April 2020: Growing Our Roots

Avon’s Root Touch-Up, a powder formula that covers up roots, was featured in People en Español, bringing our innovative hair care to the Hispanic market.

November 2020: Introducing Peony-Powered Skin Care

Avon prides itself on staying on top of beauty trends and creating skin care with groundbreaking ingredients. In 2020, we introduced our Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate collection, made with paeonol, our unique extract harvested from rare peonies. Our ad for Isa Knox was featured in Good Housekeeping, showcasing the peony-powered anti-aging formulas to a wide audience.

April 2021: Hip to Hemp

We jumped on the CBD skin care bandwagon in 2020, beginning with Green Goddess Facial Oil, our very first CBD facial oil. We’ve since expanded our CBD offering to include wide range of bath and body formulas made with hemp-derived CBD, tapping into a new realm of CBD. Our ad in Good Housekeeping helped us spread the word and show that we are a contender within the CBD beauty market.

What do you think of Avon?

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