5 Fantasy Makeup Looks Anyone Can Recreate

Fantasy make-up allows for a whole range of creativity; you can wear subtle fantasy looks, or you can opt for a more detailed look.

I wanted to do a fun little blog post and show you what kinds of looks and vibes you can get from using Avon makeup. Creating imaginative looks can be daunting for makeup beginners when you imagine turning your face into an artistic masterpiece but with practice and creative focus you’ll be surprised at how fantastic a look can be created.

Dark Vamp Nights

Gothic makeup styles can be artistic and dreamy so channel your brooding and sensual helpers to create a vampire-look. The classic Vampy look is created by thick eyeliner on both the upper and lower lash lines. The lips are bold and the eyes have a dramatic color spectrum of purples and shine.

New World Beauty

Luscious Fairy

Fairy make-up has been around since little girls were with us, and the new focus on fairy looks evokes memories of enchanting childhood. This ultra-pretty fairy make-up look are simple, but they’re beautiful. You’ll want to treat yourself to sultry smoky eyes by brushing pinks and purples onto your eyelids. This is a winning look for any day of the week, and it’s a look that’s bold. The large, ultra-defined eyes and green, earthy tones of eyeliner used make fairy make-up both pretty for whenever your feeling fairylike.

Golden Goddess

The focus on this look is to highlight the face and eyes use rose gold contours with gold, red and pink eyeshadow and blush black eyeliner and tears for good measure, and you’ll rock this look just like Fierceeee. Try using nude lipstick or gloss with warm undertones to soften the lips. To recreate this make-up look,

Bella Machine

I use Pixabay to source some of my blog photos. I don’t really have to site the source because the photos are royalty free and available to the public for use. However, I did want to give a big shout out to Enrique Meseguer aka darksouls1 for all of his amazing artwork I used for this blog post.

Which look would you recreated and make your own?

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