How To Treat Chapped Lips In The Winter Cold Weather

If you already have problems with dry lips, cold winter weather can make the problem worse.

Dryness can cause chapped lips, which can be very uncomfortable in winter. Many people think that licking your lips helps with dryness, but in reality, it can cause dryness and chapped lips. When lips are dry, it seems natural to wet them by licking, but this can make the problem worse. It’s also important not to lick dry or chapped lips as this can make them more painful.

Here are some steps and products to help you keep your lip soft and hydrated.

Step 1

Anew Vitamin C Smoothing Lip Scrub

Exfoliate your lips. Gentle exfoliation can also help dry lips remove dry, flaky skin from the surface of the lips.

Step 2

Anew Vitamin C Overnight Lip Mask

Condition and treat lips with this overnight antioxidant lip mask, featuring vitamin C and nourishing shea butter. The moisturizing formula visibly improves lip texture. Wake up to a smoother and softer-looking pout.

Step 3

Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment

Smooth on lips. Can be worn alone or under your favorite lip color.

The best way to get rid of dry, chapped lips is to use a gentle scrub and moisturizing lip balm. You should also wash your hands before applying lip balm and try not to scratch or bite the flaky skin, as this can slow down the healing process.

Cold air or cold air will change the surface of the lips. In addition, when the moisture evaporates after licking the lips, they become drier because they lose moisture in the dry and cold air. If you persist in these bad habits in winter, your lips will soon become chapped.

Here are awesome moisturizing lip balm options to keep your lips soft and smooth all day long.

This results in dry, chapped, chapped, and painful lips that are healed throughout the winter. Staying in a cold environment can put pressure on sensitive skin areas, especially the lips. The effects of winter drought are inevitable, but this does not mean that you will suffer from chapped lips every winter.

What do you do to keep your lips hydrated during winter?

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