What is a Beauty Micro-Ritual?

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, and that includes everything we do in our daily beauty routine.

A ritual is an action or action repeated in a set order. A ritual can be religious, spiritual, or ordinary. With any ritual, it is an opportunity for an individual to transform. Rituals can help you set the tone for your day ahead. Maybe your morning ritual is to meditate, exercise, or recite your positive affirmations to daily tensions. Making a cup of coffee or watching the news is one of your morning rituals. The pandemic reminds us how fleeting and precious these moments can be.

People gain emotional energy through interactive rituals and we as humans create rituals whether spiritual or not.

As we have seen, the pandemic has led to an increased focus on daily micro-rituals and personal hygiene or beauty mirco-rituals. We now crave pleasant, sensual, soothing, and cocooning everyday experiences. But how do we find or create these types of micro-rituals?

When you are thinking of a mirco-ritual think of something you can do the same every time. Now if you think about it your routine and a ritual can seem the same but they are not. A routine is something you do that needs to be done every day with thinking about it you have no opportunity for growth. A ritual differs from a routine because its intention is different you allow yourself an opportunity for growth.

The scent of your body and home can not only change your mood but also make life seem luxurious, not to mention nostalgic memories. Fragrances have more power to amplify your emotions than you may realize. Tapping into happy memories is a wonderful way to lift spirits.

Make your home even more welcoming with new unique fine fragrance candles, crafted by expert perfumers, bringing magic to your everyday. Elevate your space with an indulgent blend of juicy currant, sweet rhubarb, and blooming magnolia. Or a blend of fresh eucalyptus, enchanting peony, and white cedar

Another example, showers have become a “me-time” moment – five minutes that offer a total escape from the ordinary with Avon Aromatherapy Minding My Mood 4-in-1 Essential Oil Blends.

Avon offers the perfect micro-rituals accessories like the Pure Ceramic Aroma Diffuser, Pure Essential Oils and Roll-on, and Pure Essential Oil Case.

Other beauty Mirco-rituals could be the time you spend putting on make-up to make you feel fabulous. What many of us miss is the finishing touch to our love of a daily fragrance spritz. A quick splash of our favorite fragrance before we set off every morning will get us ready for the day. Find your Zen with the Haiku Collection.

The calming Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum and clean notes of Haiku Eau de Parfum bloom in harmony to create a fresh floral that evokes the serenity of a Japanese garden.

What are your Micro-Rituals?

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