Uneven Skin Tone: How to Treat it?

Irregularities due to hyperpigmentation are caused by a number of factors, including sun exposure, skin type and age.

Over time, sun damage can lead to brown spots (too much melanin in some areas of the skin) and uneven skin tones. Uneven skin tone can be caused by many factors due to skin damage caused by sun exposure, smoking, disease, skin injuries and lack of hydration that may lead to rough and dry skin areas due to lack of moisture retention in the skin as a result of insufficient water absorption and nutrition.

Summer can be the most obvious reason for freckles and dark spots, but the UV index can be high every month, so your skin tone can be uneven at any time of the year because of hormonal changes in the body, environmental influences such as pollution and cooled air.

Potent serums have been shown to reduce dark spots and discolored skin types and tones. With this knowledge of skin types, you can combat the type of hyperpigmentation you face, and you can start treating your uneven skin by taking steps to correct your complexion.

Recommended Product for Uneven Skin Tones

Here are the top products I recommend for uneven skin tones.

Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Meet your new main squeeze Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum for naturally radiant skin. We revamped our iconic formula. It’s lighter and absorbs quickly. Still packed with as much vitamin C as in 30 oranges, this super serum illuminates your dull, tired skin to look visibly energized.

Get ready to instantly brighten the look of your skin with the power of 10% pure vitamin C. Show your glow and seize the day!

Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector

If your skin tone is uneven, look no further than Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector. This anti-aging serum is formulated with DSX-7 which contains two different, complementary forms of vitamin C.

Together they target the many facets of discoloration, reducing seven common problems:

• dark spots
• uneven skin tone
• post-acne marks
• brown patches
• blotchy red patches
• freckles
• sallowness

Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Intensive Peel

Create a big AHA moment with this intensive resurfacing peel. Similar to pro acid peels, it contains amino acids to soothe and moisturize skin as it exfoliates and dramatically transforms skin for a younger, more radiant appearance. With 28.3% AHAs and 8.1% PHAs to reveal the look of a smoother, brighter complexion in minutes!

• With amino acids to soothe and moisturize skin as it exfoliates
• Dramatically transforms skin for a younger, more radiant appearance
• 100% of women said that wrinkles were visibly reduced in just one application*
• Clinically proven to visibly improve skin brightness in just one application*

How do you treat your uneven skin tone?

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