It’s National Love Your Pet Day

For those who value animals in their lives, it’s also National Love Us Pet Day, a holiday celebrating the “special relationship” we have with our pets.

This day encourages all pet owners to spend time with their pets and express their love and gratitude to them. They also pamper them and make sure they spend quality time with them.

I recently lost my dog Draco, a Mini-Austrian shepherd, it was 13 years old when it passed away. I was truly was heartbroken and decided I needed to grieve before I got another dog. I will stay now looking back at it I became a bit depressed after my boy was gone. I did get one of the Cuddle Clone stuff animals that looks just like Draco.

Then just about a month after Draco passed away but Pablo came into my life and changed everything. He’s so cute and cuddly and he’s always there to greet me when I come home from work or school. My dog is the best pet in the world because he has a personality like no other.

He loves to go to dog parks, take long car rides, and he just likes to be out and about to see things. And he loves to snuggle up on the couch after a long day of playing outside. — Pablo is the best pet in the world. He’s so cute and always lets me dress him up in costumes.

Here are my favorite items from Avon I use when caring for Pablo.

Sirius Groom Shampoo For Dogs

Alleviate itchiness and dryness by washing away allergens. Anti-inflammatory oatmeal protects and soothes skin. pH-balanced formula. Long-lasting scents. Nature-derived ingredients. 

Sirius Groom Odor Eliminator

Removes the toughest pet odors from fabrics and carpets. Leaves a light and fresh baby powder scent. Nature-derived ingredients include rice and barley to neutralize and absorb odors. For fabric and carpet use only, do not spray on pets.

Fresh Fiji Lint Roller Kit

Pick up hair, lint, fur, and more in a quick roll!

Share of a photo of you and your dog or dogs!

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