How to Create the Right Eyeliner Look for Your Eye Shape

We’ve done the work for you and broke down the different eye types and recommended eyeliner looks to best suit each one.

Perfecting an eyeliner look is not easy—you want to make sure the point is sharp enough (if using a pencil) your line is thin or thick enough (depending on preference) and that the lines are even on both eyes. Not to mention, applying eyeliner is arguably the longest, most tedious step in our beauty routine. The most important thing to consider? Make sure that you choose an eyeliner makeup look that suits your eye type. Find your eye type, and the best eyeliner for your eye shape below.

If your eyes have a circular, rounded shape, then you have round eyes. Round eyes are usually on the bigger side and they are probably your most prominent facial feature. A great way to make round eyes pop is with a cat eyeliner makeup look.

Draw attention to the outer part of the eye by creating a winged effect with a black eyeliner like Avon True Color Always On Point Eye Liner. The flick creates the illusion of an almond shape. This precise eyeliner is creamy, longwearing, waterproof and smudge-proof, making it a great eyeliner for round eyes and a cat eye that lasts all day.

Downturned eyes are when the outer corners are lower than the inner corners. If you have downturned eyes, we recommend skipping the bottom liner, as it can drag the look of your eyes down.

Uplift your most-seen feature by focusing on the upper lash line. Draw a line of fmg Cashmere 24 HR Cream Eyeliner across the upper lash line—this liner is creamy, longwearing and won’t budge all day, plus it comes in a variety of dark, yet neutral hues. Then, wing out your eyeliner if you desire.

Pro Tip: Drawing a winged liner will help give the outer corner of the eye a more lifted look.

Another easy eyeliner look for downturned eyes to try is inner corner eyeliner. Brighten the inner corners of your eyes with fmg Glimmer Diamond Eyeliner in a light shade like Sugar Plum—the ultimate eye enhancer!

If you have hooded eyes, this means you usually can’t see much of your eyelid, and your upper eyelid might cover your crease when the eye is open. If you have a big crease that covers your lash line, you don’t have to worry about being as precise with your liner! You can easily get away with a thick line, and of our liners will look great.

Craving more definition? Apply your liner across the top waterline to make it most visible. Since the waterline is a more sensitive area, it’s best to use an eyeliner like Avon True Color Always On Point Eye Liner for this look.

Eyelids that have no visible crease are considered monolids. Play up your monolid eyes with fun, graphic designs and thick lines of bold color—the monolid’s flat shape provides the perfect canvas. We recommend using fmg Glimmer Longwear Gel Eyeliner in a standout hue like Windswept or Rainstorm.

It provides an intense matte finish that stays all day and doesn’t smudge. Use an eyeliner brush like fmg Precision Eye Brush for optimal application. It’s also a great tool to draw on fun, unexpected eye makeup designs like circles, squares and squiggly lines.

Almond eyes are when eyes are pointed toward the inner corner, round in the middle and pointed slightly upward on the outer corner. They are, quite literally, shaped like almonds. A thin eyeliner is all you need to accentuate your already-gorgeous eye shape, as they already have a naturally winged look.

We love fmg Glimmer Cream Eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes, available in a variety of creamy, glide-on hues so you can easily mix up your look. For extra drama, you can create a wing and you’ll have a sultry eye makeup look.

If you have wide set eyes, it means that there is a large amount of horizontal space between your eyes and the bridge of your nose. Rather than winging your liner out, line the inner corners to make your eyes appear closer together.

Try fmg Glimmer Diamond Eyeliner, which features a finely milled pearlescent formula to add shimmer and draw the focus in, making eyes dazzle.

How do you line your eyes? What are you tips?

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