Favorite Home Products that Do Miracles

As our team continues to work from home, keeping our living spaces and clothing fresh and clean is more important than ever.  

Below, the Avon team has rounded up some of our favorite products for the home, including refreshing laundry formulas, powerful cleaning formulas, and more. 

Homestar Rangehood & Kitchen Degreaser
Clean hard-to-remove grease stains—no scrubbing required. Super-strength formula with a double-solvent solution blend for those pesky grease stains on range hoods, stovetops, burner grates, BBQ grills, sinks, and more! Just spray and watch foaming bubbles go to work.

“I can literally see my reflection in the range hood! It went from gross and greasy to super shiny! Easy-peasy!”

– Danielle, Creative

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release
Freshen up fabrics and smooth wrinkles with this fabric refresher spray, formulated with green tea and persimmon leaf extracts to remove odors and corn-derived dextrin for wrinkle control. 

 “I love the smell, and since I have two dogs it really helps to make my couch smell fresh when I have guests.”

– Roger, Merchandising

Cucina Essentials Multi Purpose Wipes
Featuring a naturally derived formula of citric acid and pomegranate vinegar, these multiuse cleaning wipes remove dirt, spills, and grime from hard surfaces like the table, sink, refrigerator, and tile. No rinsing is required, just wipe!

“I use these wipes every day! They do a great job keeping my kitchen surfaces clean and the scent is so refreshing.”

– Kylene, Design

Fresh Fiji Sheet Detergent
Doing laundry is a breeze with these fresh detergent sheets. Featuring a unique format…no spills, no mess, no fuss, no measuring! Formulated with seven different enzymes blended to clean up the dirt and oily residues from skin and strong stains. This magic sheet completely dissolves in hot water, and even in cold water leaving no residue behind. Fresh and clean lemon and lavender scent from natural aroma oils, with odor-removing baking soda.

“I’m a little obsessed with these detergent sheets! They completely dissolve in the washer and get everything nice and clean with a nice mild scent that’s not too fragrant. I also love that I no longer need to lug a heavy bottle of detergent to the laundromat…so convenient!”

– Alison, Creative

Fruits & Passion Cucina Hand Soap
Formulated with plant-derived ingredients like olive oil and glycerin, this enticing hand soap evokes the subtle spice, brightness, and freshness of the Mediterranean. Cucina’s moisturizing formula leaves hands feeling soft, nourished, and protected. Luxurious aromatic-and-woody scent.

“A staple in my home are the Fruits & Passion Cucina Hand Soaps. They smell SO amazing! And love that my hands feel super fresh and clean after each wash, but also hydrated! They’re not only perfect for the kitchen, but I also keep them in the bathrooms, as they look so sleek and I can’t get enough of the nourishing formula and unique scents. My favorite is the Coriander & Olive Tree.”

– Jeannine, Learning & Development

Homestar Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Quickly and easily remove greasy, grimy messes with this triple-action power cleaner, formulated with citric acid, orange oil, and baking soda. This all-in-one spray cleaner eliminates kitchen grease, bathroom water stains, and dirt between tiles, and even removes odors.

“This high-performance cleaning spray is a total game-changer. I use it everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom to target those hard-to clean messes. Will definitely be re-purchasing.”

– Steve, Marketing

Have you tried any of Avon’s new Home Products?

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