How to Choose the Best Avon Fragrance for You

Perfume fragrance notes consist of three different layers of fragrance notes – base, top, and middle notes or heart notes – and they work together to create a particular scent.

The art of selecting the perfect perfume is not a one-stop-shop, not a one-size-fits-all. Just because someone likes a particular fragrance, and you like it so much that you store it and spray it on paper, doesn’t mean that your friend “perfume is perfect for you, or that your perfume on someone else’s nose is more pleasant than taking it home from the store and spraying it on at work.

The base notes are considered the heart of the fragrance and give the fragrance its depth. The base can be citrus for a fresh fragrance, light enough to make a perfume that does not last too long, musk for an animal fragrance, or a heavy base that leaves any kind of perfume on the skin. The middle notes are the heart notes that define the way the fragrance unfolds.

When you spray perfume on your skin the perfume molecules interact with the natural hormones and pheromones on your skin. This changes the fragrance of the perfume and creates a fragrance that is unique to you. The chemistry of wearing perfume can help you distinguish your distinctive fragrance by wearing the same perfume repeatedly. Another thing to consider when choosing a perfume is the pH of your natural skin. Generally speaking, the more balanced your skin is, the better the perfume adheres to your skin and maintains it as skin.

Perfumes, for example, can be considered flowery and contain various scents and notes of roses, gardenias, geraniums, etc. Musk scents are heavier and have a more masculine tone, while others smell of pine or leather, which are the base notes.

Just because the scent of roses is a popular fragrance does not mean that it works for your skin. Scent and smell differ in two different people, scents are sensitive to light, heat, and one’s own body chemistry, diet, and hormone levels. The chemical make-up, the chosen fragrance also has an influence on the durability of your fragrance. Test the fragrance on your skin to see how it feels, how it develops over time, and how it smells differently once it settles on your skin. You can mix your own perfumes, which belong to different fragrance families, to create a beautiful fragrance of your own.

I have a ton of different kinds of perfume and tend to select the scent I wear based on my mood. Here are some of my favorites:

Once you have made your decision to choose a perfume that compliments your look and personality, you will know how to use it to maximize your perfume-wearing experience. Choose an area of your body that is hot or warm to unlock the notes of the perfume that go unnoticed when activated. To make the perfume last longer, you can also apply unscented lotion to the area you are going to spray. Do not rub the perfume directly onto the skin, as it will last longer than with a generous application.

The journey of a perfume continues long after it has come into contact with the skin, so it is essential that you test your perfume of choice before buying it. Choosing the right perfume for your body chemistry depends on your personal preferences.

Pro Tip: Heat intensifies the fragrance of your perfume and helps it last longer. My top tip is to wear perfume that lasts all day is to spray the pulse points which emit heat and heat intensifies scents so that your wrists, neck, ankles, ears, collarbone and the back of your knees are great starting points.

If you wear the same perfume day in, day out, you will use it and not feel the scent. In addition to wearing different perfumes, trying out different scents will develop your scent system and brighten your scent experience. In this way, your system not only gets used to a fragrance, but you feel your fragrance as strongly as before.

What perfume do you want to try from Avon?

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