Pick the Perfect Wedding Day Perfume

This is your BIG day! Choosing the perfect fragrance can be one of the toughest decisions, but we are going to make it as easy as “I DO”.

First, imagine yourself in your wedding attire. How are you feeling? What colors can you see around you? How is the mood around you? Feeling and mood play a very important role in choosing the perfect fragrance for any occasion.   

Next step: Explore and have fun
Once you have narrowed down the mood you want your fragrance to enhance, it is time to explore. Give yourself enough time to do this, but search within the same season, so your fragrance is aligned with the mood of the year.

Tie the mood to the Season of your Wedding

Having a Spring/Summer wedding? Start with fragrances in these families:

Why? Spring and Summer are all about vibrancy and lightness. You want to choose a fragrance that will combat the heat of summer while also complementing the freshness of Spring.

Having a Fall/Winter wedding? Start with fragrances in these families:

Why? Because Fall and Winter are all about warm feelings and the comfort of togetherness. Discover a fragrance that will help warm up the mood and make you feel cozy!

You’re Almost There

Narrow down your options to three fragrances that you can imagine being THE fragrance.

Once you have these three, ask ME YOUR Avon Representative for one sample of each.

Give yourself enough time to build a relationship with each fragrance sample before making the final decision.  How? 

Try each with the following three activities. By the way, capture how each fragrance makes you feel!

A night out with friends/family
This will give you an idea of how the fragrance lasts from ceremony to reception.
Dinner date with your significant otherYou and your significant other’s fragrance should work as well as you both do. Take this time to see how your fragrances work with one another. Do they complement one another? Do they conflict? Try wearing fragrances within the same fragrance category.
Around the houseWhy? Because it’s important to explore your fragrance without any distractions around you. Focus on building emotions and moods around your fragrance to see if it is the perfect fit you’re your BIG day.

Extra Tips for Success

Ask your significant other to follow the same steps above so you both have the perfect Wedding Day perfume!

Tie it all together by scenting your wedding and reception venue.  For example, find the perfect candle that complements your fragrance! 

Most importantly, remember whichever fragrance you choose is the correct choice as it has-in some way-established an emotional connection.

Cheers to your Wedding!

What type of perfume scents do you like?

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