Get TPSY While Being Your Beautiful Spontaneous Self

It’s a typical morning. You get dressed, put on your lipstick and sip some coffee. By lunch, your lip color has almost completely faded.

You need a long-lasting lipstick, stat. Try any of our best long-lasting lipsticks, compiled below. You’ll get a richly pigmented finish that stays on all day—no reapplying necessary.

TPSY Forever Lip Marker
Inject some unpredictability into your everyday makeup routine with a matte lip stain marker that’s built to last. The unique marker design provides easy and precise application and a vibrant, juicy look that’s kiss-proof, plus the hydrating formula stays on all day.

Inject some unpredictability into the mundane. Feel free to NOT do things the same way.

Be yourself…be spontaneous, and above all, live it up! Because life should be anything but routine. Enjoy and have a TPSY day!

Get kiss-ready with the perfect partner. Hydrating formula stays on lips all day for a vibrant, juicy look. The unique marker design allows for easy and precise application. Comes in five gorgeous kiss-proof shades.

• Hydrating formula stays on all day
• Unique marker design provides easy application and a vibrant, juicy look
• Kiss-proof 
• Matte finish
• Vegan

TO USE: Line the lips with the marker applicator. Fill in lips with the side of the marker applicator. Apply it when you kiss someone you love!

Do you need a new lipstick for you day?

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